Promoting A Gloucestershire Based Business

Promoting A Gloucestershire Based Business, as part of my day job I help Gloucester & Gloucestershire based companies improve their web presence. Here are a few of my tips to get a few more visitors to your website.

Free Local Adverts

I have identified some good local Gloucestershire sites to get listed on, detailed below, please feel free to email me your suggestions using our CONTACT FORM, if they are good enough for me, they are good enough to recommend.

Social Networking For Glos Business

Twitter My Favorite

Set up a twitter account for work, don’t be lazy and complete the bio, add your website address and post an introduction and some details of products or services.  Stagger the timing of your tweets, and do at different times, different companies get better responses at variable times of the day, you need to discover the best times for you to be social. I recommend joining in with the local hash tag hours, post some product information and interact with other posters within the hour i prefer #gloshour but many are available, see my post on all UK hours, more info…

Building your followers, at first follow local people who may use your service, follow your friends as they are more likely to follow back, follow me – if your in Gloucestershire i will follow back and introduce you to my 8000 local followers.


You can set up a Facebook page for your Gloucestershire company, please ensure you complete your profile and ensure your contact and website details are correct.

Use your new Facebook page for any news and product announcements, photos and videos are always popular, so if you have any please post.

To grow your likes suggest your page to your friends, like me and ask for a shout out with your latest news, which I will, I don’t personally prefer Facebook, but if you are a Facebook person you will probably do well.

If you post a business post, immediately share the post on your own timeline, don’t do this all the time but a good way to get started.

Other Networks

  • Google+ Definitely set up a personal Google+ account and a business Google+ account, Google is the god of search and if you use their social network G+ you may receive brownie points, or better rankings but most definitely quicker indexing of your new pages. Add company to Google+ Local.
  • Pinterest – If your work is photogenic and your website is image rich Pinterest from experience is very good with products and places, as people build many to visit or to buy boards.
  • LinkedIn – a more professional network to connect with existing contacts and get introductions, depending on your business type this may work or not for you.  Pm me for my opinion..
  • Other Networks – I will update this list as I find more social networks that me or my customers get real new work from.  I wont recommend time wasting
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