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Welcome to @aboutglos New Gloucestershire Blog, This blog replaces all current blogs now my desired website name has become available www.aboutglos.co.uk.  You wouldn’t believe it has been owned by someone doing nothing, then not renewed, after waiting patiently for 90 days hoping it is not renewed I finally got it registered.

Purpose Of @aboutglos

@aboutglos is now this middle man for all my Gloucestershire guides and social media profiles, the guides will stay the same but all news, events and articles will be located here and relevant articles will be displayed dynamically on the relevant guide or guides depending on relevancy.

Gloucestershire Websites

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In Gloucestershire

Gloucestershire Shops and Shopping, Eating Out, Pubs Bars & Night Clubs Gloucestershire Business Directory, Tourist Attractions, Walks, History, Museums & Art Galleries and much more. Visit In Gloucestershire…


Gloucestershire hour which is a weekly networking event on social media.  This site also has a free advert directory for the counties companies, you can add using the form on the website.  These adverts will be cross promoted on our other sites where appropriate.  www.gloshour.co.uk

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Gloucestershire Social Network Profiles

Coming Soon by main one is @aboutglos